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Teenagers From Outer Space

I think I'll probably end up just making my own house rules, stealing the premise/setting and the Stat/Knack/Power structure from Teenagers From Outer Space, the skill resolution dice from Ironclaw/Jadeclaw, and Brownie Points and the Wild Die from Ghostbusters.

Frankengaming! My favorite! *groans like a monster*

Weird TFOS Trivia Item #1: The first ever TFOS game I ever ran was set at "Walter Mondale High School" and was run in 1986 -- well before Freakazoid was on the air.

Weird TFOS Trivia Item #2: I still have dilletante's character sheet from said game.

Weird TFOS Trivia Item #3: My all-time most successful TFOS scenario was called "The Texas Chicken-Gun Massacre" and the villain was a psycho in a rubber chicken mask, called "Feather Face." He carried a "chicken gun" that transformed everybody into giant chickens. I lifted this scenario out of the suggestions in the back of the book, as well as a drag race scenario, featuring the Rival Brothers as the villains. Being in Philosophy 101 at the time, the I named the individual Rival brothers themselves "Solitary," "Unpleasant," "Nasty," "Brutish," and "Short." That Thomas Hobbes had a way with words!

-The Gneech
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