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Love Hina

laurie_robey and I finished the actual "series" part of Love Hina last night, including "Bonus Episode #25," which I gather was left out of the original run because it was anticlimactic ... or perhaps was intended to spearhead another season that didn't happen, or something. After the heavy melodrama of episodes 21 - 24, episode 25 certainly seemed like an awkward little tack-on, that should have happened somewhere around episode 15, if it was going to happen at all. (Not that it was a bad episode ... as backstory for Motoko, it was pretty cool. But it was superfluous to the overall story arc.)

I enjoyed it quite a bit. :) In a lot of ways, Love Hina really nails that "Romantic comedy with a touch of WTF?" feel that I want for Suburban Jungle, so I've been drawing a lot of inspiration from it. Naru and Tiffany would certainly get along well, that's for sure! The main difference is that, unlike Kietaro, Leonard can give it back to Tiff just as good as she can dish out to him.

We've still got the movies to get through ("Christmas Movie," "Spring Movie," and "Love Hina Again") ... it'll be interesting to see where things go. Amazon has mixed reviews, but the plot summaries suggest that the story is not quite over yet.

-The Gneech
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