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What I Did Tonight

  1. Looked around Barnes & Noble and Waldenbooks w/ laurie_robey for Love Hina (Manga) #5.

  2. Had dinner at jamesbarrett's Olive Garden

  3. Did a miniscule amount of work on Teenagers From Outer Space

  4. Penciled strips for next Friday and Monday

  5. Paid the bills

  6. Worked from home via Remote Desktop Connection, getting a major chunk of a project that's been looming over me done

  7. Inked said strips for next Friday and Monday, so that I won't have to do any drawing tomorrow when I'll be pooped from Kung Fu (alas, katayamma, I wasn't able to scan 'em yet)

  8. Kept tabs on e-mails that were flying fast and furious among a few friends

Crikey, no wonder I'm worn out! I'm going to bed, before anything else happens!

-The Gneech, worried that somebody will set him up the bomb

PS: Notice that Tough Breaks isn't on this list. Le sigh! Maybe tomorrow after strips are scanned.

Edit: Added "paid the bills," which I'd forgotten. -.-
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