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Now That's a Day's Work!

Phew! I've reached page 110 of Tough Breaks, and worked out the rest of where the pages fall. The last strip in sequence in the book, page 131, is the first color page, and appropriately enough will be neverwench's wedding picture. I've also seen some of the working proofs of bauske's pages, and they're looking mighty sweet. This is gonna be a terrific book! It will also have a much larger amount of my own work in it, compared to Orange Alert, which consists of large chunks of cody_frost and kelloggs2066.

While I was at it, I revised this strip. The original was identical except that Leonard's word balloon in the final panel said "You didn't 'leave' at all, she kicked you out!" I've never been happy with that, because it wasn't that big of a revelation, and didn't really match what had already been established here. It's also not really enough to warrant Leonard getting so mad that he actually kicks Glory out into the rain.

Being manipulated, on the other hand, would make Leonard that mad, particularly because Glory was too chicken to go against Athena herself. So that fix makes the rest of the storyline work much better. While it's never going to be one of my favorites, I at least don't feel like that whole storyline is a big glaring error that jumps out at me, either. Amazing what tweaking one piece of dialog can do!

The other cool accomplishment for this weekend was getting strips to katayamma through a week from tomorrow. And I have scripts for even further beyond that. Go, go, gadget gettingahead! Unfortunately, I've got a ton of familial obligations (Easter, parental birthdays, etc.) which will make it difficult to keep going at this pace, but I'm going to enjoy it while it's here.

That's all for now. G'nite, everybody!

-The Gneech
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