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Long and Rambly Phrase: Title. Incomprehensible?!

I decided to wander into the wacky world of Jpop some over the weekend, since I've been going so anime-crazy lately. Imagine my shock and horror when I encountered Japanese rap. -.- By all that's good in the world, NOOOO!

Le sigh.

Fortunately, it was only a couple of tunes out of the many that I listened to, so hopefully it was an abberation.

Alas, if only I was allowed to listen to streaming feeds here at work. I love my MP3 library, but today I feel like listening to stuff I've never heard before. (Of course, for that matter I feel like writing and drawing, and I'm not doing that, either.)

I also meant to mention that my arm is bandaged up today. I'm not sure if it was cartwheels in Kung Fu or if it's repetitive motion injury from all the mouse-clicking I've been doing at work and on Tough Breaks, but I have what feels a bit like a torn ligament between my right tricep and my elbow. (It's a sharp, needle-like pain just above the elbow towards the back of my arm.) It feels very similar to the bout of carpal tunnel I had a long time ago, and to the shin splints I got when I started KF. Keeping it wrapped up in an ace bandage helps considerably, but it's still sore. I just hope it doesn't interfere with all the work I've been doing to get ahead on the strip.

Also, I wanted to write a Brigid and Greg fictionlet this morning, but I never did come up with a good idea for one. Oh well! I'm sure something will come to me.

-The Gneech
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