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NWN, Warrior Mages, and Stuff

This morning, it suddenly occurred to me that there's a perfect person in the Vault of Lost Characters for me to play in NWN, who is Theodore Stormhaven, the cynical FTR/ROG guardsman I played in jamesbarrett's short-lived intrigue campaign. Of all of my long lost PC's, he's the one who most closely fits NWN's very grim, largely city-based storyline.

However, I'm not about to redo the prelude and first half of Chapter One just for that. In terms of combat, Stormhaven's gimmick was the rapier-and-shortsword combination anyway, and since I'm playing an elvish dual-wielding ranger in NWN currently, I may as well stick with him. It's not like who my character is makes that big a difference in the storyline anyway.

However, Stormhaven is a potential choice of character to bring out of retirement as one of my warrior elite guys, to play Han Solo to Coren's Luke. I can already see in my mind the interaction between these two, it would be entertaining. :) But I'm not sure if the embittered sophistication of Stormhaven suits the wide-ranging nature of the warrior elite's role.

Now if I could just settle on the warrior elite's central motif. I don't know why this is giving me so much trouble, but I want it to be something I really like. Besides wanting a cool name ;), I want to have some sort of emblematic piece of equipment or something that sets them apart, similar to a Jedi's lightsaber. I keep coming back to the gauntlet, but I not really sure if like it or not. Tattoos and hairstyles have also been suggested, but given that this is a book and not a movie, these are both things that wouldn't really translate well.

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