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Goofy Memes (In My Pants)

By now everybody's seen the "snag 20 top random titles from your playlist and add 'in my pants'" to it.

So here we go!

  • Buzzcocks -- "I Believe (In My Pants)" How inspiring!
  • The Venga Boys -- "To Brazil (In My Pants)" Um ... better than going in the buff I suppose...
  • They Might Be Giants -- "Bed Bed Bed (In My Pants)" I thought that was my wallet!
  • The Venga Boys -- "The Venga Beat (In My Pants)" ...
  • TV Soundtracks -- "Maverick (In My Pants)" Who is the tall dark stranger, there?
  • TV Soundtracks -- "I Dream of Jeannie (In My Pants)" So did every '70s kid at some point. 0.o
  • The Seatbelts -- "Tank! (In My Pants)" Whoa, that's a ... big gun!
  • Jazz Butcher Conspiracy -- "Real Men (In My Pants)" Man, I have an incriminating playlist. ^.^'
  • The Venga Boys -- "Up and Down (In My Pants)" Aheheheheh...
  • Smashmouth -- "Diggin' Your Scene (In My Pants)" Er?
  • Buggles -- "Video Killed the Radio Star (In My Pants)" It ran over the radio star with a Tank!
  • The Monkees -- "Last Train to Clarksville (In My Pants)" Stopping at Yakima, Walla-Walla, and COO-camonga!
  • Weird Al Yankovic -- "Pretty Fly for a Rabbi (In My Pants)" Pants! Fly! Get it?
  • Love Hina -- "I'm Fine Every Day (In My Pants)" Sounds like an Old Navy ad.
  • Powerpuff Girls -- "Bubbles (In My Pants)" What am I, Lawrence Welk?
  • Shonen Knife -- "Buttercup -- I'm a Super Girl (In My Pants)" Out of my pants, I'm pretty ordinary.
  • They Might Be Giants -- "Damn Good Times (In My Pants)" Pretty much says it all.
  • DDR -- "Mr. Wonderful (In My Pants)" There are worse pet names, I suppose...
  • Tom Lehrer -- "The Masochism Tango (In My Pants)" *squeak!*
  • Venga Boys -- "We Like to Party! (In My Pants)" Well, at least they're having Damn Good Times... 0.o

Bonus 21st Track! TV Soundtracks -- "The Tick (In My Pants)" They don't call me Da Bomb for nothing, baby!

-The Gneech ("Aheheheheheh...")
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