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Starring Tiffany Tiger

In the month of April, there are thirteen strips in Suburban Jungle, not counting the Saturday Grab Bags. Of those, Tiffany actually appears in four. Tiffany has lines in three, but in one of those, she's having a side conversation not really related to the main thrust of the strip.

Only two have no references to Tiffany at all, and they're standalone gags. In the rest, Tiffany is either directly involved, or people are talking about her. This interests me, because lately I've sorta felt like the storyline has wandered too far off from Tiff, who is theoretically at least the star of the show.

Without wanting to give spoilers, I will say that Tiff is still not the mover and shaker in April -- that's all Leona -- but Leona's behavior is in reaction to Tiffany's presence and past actions. So in this case, Tiffany is more of a catalyst than a participant.

Still, it's better than being the star in absentia!

-The Gneech, putting way too much thought into all this
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