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Greetings From Frisk's House

Happen to be visiting at Rathbun house and decided to post.

Gaming last night was quite a success ... we kicked the bejeezus out of a dark naga, courtesy of a mass haste scroll we found, a bunch of temporary enhancements, and Camstone's ability to smite evil. We also found the first Rod of Dominion -- aaaaaaiieee!!!

Unfortunately, we ended the session 360 exp. points away from gaining 6th level. Waaaaah!!!

This morning, I fought with my computer trying to get Monday's SJ ready to go. The recurring problem of the. Computer. Pausing. As. I. Try. To. Work. Was. Getting. Really. Annoying.

I've tried a variety of fixes for this problem; mammallamadevil sent me a boatload of RAM; I've cleaned up the hard drive a dozen times, and Laurie installed a new HD cable on the recommendation of the network guy at Circle ... none of which has helped.

I started looking at new computers; I don't particularly want to spend $1500 on a new system right now, but I'm getting really sick of this problem. As a last-ditch "maybe this'll fix it" attempt, I bought a new 64-bit video card -- since Photoshop is the worst offender, maybe freeing up memory that's being used to draw the screen can instead be used to make the system run smoother.

I'm not real hopeful, actually, but a video card is $80 ... considerably cheaper than a new system. We'll see.

The week ahead looms menacingly. There's work at work that I'd rather not do, involving going outside in the 90-degree heat. I need to take pictures at the distribution center, and go on courier runs to learn the route, both of which involve not being decently inside in the air conditioning. Uck.

I also need to examine my MFF hopes ... AC is very close and requires renting a car (and reimbursing HantaMouse for the room), Dragon*Con is in August/September, which will be expensive as hell, the month of September will involve double-dip rent as we transition from the current place to wherever we're moving, and then MFF is Novemeber.

That's a lot of money going out the window in rapid succession, with limited sources of money coming back in, another reason to not buy a new computer right now.

Dang, I sure would like one tho! ;)

If nothing else, the new video card should breathe some more life into Neverwinter Nights. I'm told that the torchlight effects are quite stunning on a system that can cope with them.

Too bad the plot's so friggin' depressing!

-The Gneech
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