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The Horse is a Surprise

Well, as I sit here sipping my malted cocoa, I think I'll have to call the new video card a pleasant failure, but a failure nonetheless. I didn't really hold much hope that it was the solution, but since I've tried just about everything else I can think of, I figured all I had to lose was $80 on a video card, which is still a decent investment in the remaining life of this computer.

The. System. Still. Pauses. And. Stutters. As. I. Work. It's. Really. Quite. Irritating.

On the other hand, I played The Road to El Dorado on the DVD-ROM, and it was abso-friggin'-lutely gorgeous! What a terrific movie. :)

I also tinkered around with the settings on Neverwinter Nights, and discovered that the gameplay is still slow and choppy, but is a much more sophisticated slow and choppy. I will admit it: having your character's torch cast raytraced shadows is a very nice little effect -- but it's also just a little gimmick. The movie cutscenes were at least watchable this time. The sound is still choppy as heck and the video is jumpy, but that beats what I was getting before. It may be a related problem to Photoshop's goofiness.

Anyway, the core problem still remains, I just put a nice coat of glossy paint on it. I'll have to fiddle with it as I get time ... I've got a lot of other stuff to work on in the upcoming weeks, only some of which involves the computer.

At once pour unto the beach, deer friends! Or something like that. :)


-The Gneech
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