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I've Got a Dunk Here That Badly Needs Slamming

SET CHEER = WOOHOO! I love bein' productive!

To be specific, I made some heavy-duty progress on Tough Breaks today! All of the pages where I have the high-res versions are now complete; bauske's pages are in and look totally awesome, and I made the inside cover (which I forgot that I had to do still until earlier today). The book is exactly the same page count as Orange Alert, starting with this strip and ending with this one. (Note to myself: gotta send off a release form to neverwench!)

Unfortunately, now we come to a hard slog of a section: for sixteen strips, the high-res versions were lost in my big hard drive crashes of early 2004. For some of these, I do have high-res black and white versions, but for most of them, I'm going to have to dig out the bristol and re-scan the original inks. I am then going to throw these things en masse at poor katayamma, who's going to have the task of coloring them, assuming his schedule permits. (We may split the job; I don't know yet, I haven't discussed it with him in detail.)

So I've got tomorrow off from work, and I don't know if I'll be able to get them all scanned in that time, but I'm sure I'll have most of them done. My dream is to have this book done by the end of next weekend, so that it will be on the table at AnthroCon.

Wish me luck!

-The Gneech
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