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Political Dorkage

I was checking out some political essays I found linked on Arts & Letters Daily; my conclusion is that modern political thought needs to either get some decent editors, or learn when to shut the heck up.

Both pieces, by a weird quirk of synchronicity, were about the Democratic party's seeming inability to prevail in elections lately. Both of them had interesting insights, and touched on some profound truths about the American national character, about the Democratic party's role in same, and the nature of liberty. So far, so good. But then the stupidity started. Claims by one essay that "Social Security has virtually eliminated poverty among the elderly" (ha!) and such left-handed compliments as "President Bush's faith in the transformative power of freedom may be extreme and un-nuanced, but it is not wholly misplaced," ... or then a different essay's oh-so-subtle, "This is not to disparage as self-indulgent, latte-sipping navel-gazers and whiners the 48 percent of the electorate that voted Democratic."

C'mon, people, it makes it very hard to take stuff seriously when it contains this junk. -.-

-The Gneech
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