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Darn You, Vince! *grr*

For those of you who don't follow cody_frost's LJ, he posted an awesome pic he did this weekend, really first-rate even by his high standard. Not that this is in itself a problem, but now he's gone and given me an idea for a pic that I suddenly really, really want to do.

Mind you, I already had two pic ideas in my head that have been banging around in my skull trying to get out while I worked on Tough Breaks. But now at least one if not both of them are going to be shoved out of the way 'cause I won't be able to concentrate on anything else until this is done.

Grr, I say! Grr, grr!

-The Gneech, sketching frantically

Edit: Blame where blame is due, I'm a little ticked at Ken Akamatsu, too, 'cause he put the initial germ of the idea into my head, but then it was just a little idea, not a "Must Draw This!" thing.
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