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Doin' My Homework (Or, the Conscientious Slacker)

I bought myself a couple of tank-tops today. Well, sorta tank-tops, more like sleeveless t-shirts than proper tank-tops, 'cause that's all Target had. If I remember correctly, the last time I wore a tank-top, the first three digits of the year were 197 ... so it's been a while. 0.o

I bought the tank-tops because the weather here is warm and I had in mind to go out and exercise in it. Specifically, to practice my Kung Fu.

Because of Tough Breaks, I haven't been to Kung Fu in over two weeks. Possibly three, I'm not sure. I know I went at least twice in March, but I don't know if I went any more than that. And it's been weighing on my mind. It's not like I haven't done any exercise at all -- I've done a few brisk walks around the lake and the occasional whirl on the stationary bike -- but those are minor excursions compared to the pummelling that is Kung Fu class.

But more than anything else, what bothered me was that I was forgetting, and that's what I decided to put right tonight. If we're going to have Daylight Savings Time inflicted on us, then I might as well use that extra hour of daylight to get out there and brush up my forms, right? And that's exactly what I did.

It was scary how much I'd forgotten. 0.o

But the good news is, with long effort and attention, I managed to remember 95% of it! Which means I will be able to more-or-less pick up right where I was in class tomorrow. I'm so glad I did this tonight, tho -- there are few feelings worse than standing there with a dumb look on your face while Sifu stares at you and waits for you to remember what to do next!

I also held mabu stance for 120 breaths; since one of my breaths is usually ~3 seconds long (I just timed), this means something like six minutes! Yikes, no wonder my muscles were shaking so hard by the end -- Yellow Belt level is only four minutes!

FWIW, I do have one slightly ulterior motive for buying the not-really-tank-tops, which is that I want motivation to work out more ... and the idea of looking good in a tank-top is certainly a compelling one! With Tough Breaks finally out of the way and the warm weather here, I'm looking forward to making more progress on my getting-in-shape goals.

-The Gneech
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