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Too Much To Do List!

Crikey, I'm a busy guy. 0.o For the past month or so, I haven't needed to bother with a to-do list, because all it would say was "Do Tough Breaks!" Well, as of last night, the pages are all finished, so it's time for the return of the Too Much To Do List!

BTW, jadedfox! The to-do list on my PDA has an entry that just says, "JadedFox." Do you have any idea what that's about? Was that a badge request, or what?

  • Write up Dedication, burn Tough Breaks to CD
  • Mail Tough Breaks, Berin badge, put Kagur badge w/ AC stuff
  • Mail Huskyteer order + badge when prints arrive
  • Test prismas
  • Check out aerokat's work
  • Draw strips for 4/15 - 4/18
  • kamau icons/badge
  • Write scripts for 5/6 - 5/9
  • Finish "Furry Corner" pic
  • Ink "Arden Gazes" pic
  • "Nice Save" pic
  • "Conrad -- Happy" pic
  • Finish TFOS
  • Find doctor/get checkup
  • Find dentist/get checkup
  • "Wrinkle Free" pic
  • Write up "Pre-Con Flightlist Template"
  • MFM Conbook art, and lots of it! '50s/"Sock Hop" theme
  • Bauske commish
  • TygerCowboy badge
  • Smrgol badge
  • Bobcat commish
  • JadedFox. It just says "JadedFox." Nice documentation, Gneech!
  • Stuff for Chakat's mag?
  • Arrange to go shooting w/ Tye soon!
  • Read some of Greg's fics so he'll be happy (I'm such a martyr!)
  • "Didn't Break" pic
  • "Fun In the Sun" portfolio

Like I said: crikey. 0.o

Have I missed anything?

-The Gneech
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