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How are you? I am killed.As of sometime Wednesday, I am sick. :P During the day I started feeling like Kero in this picture, and I blame jamesbarrett, if only because he's a handy target.

Went home at noon yesterday and spent the day pretty much wrapped up in video games; I'm home again today, which drives me nuts 'cause I can't afford to spend the leave time, but if I'm sick, I'm sick, y'know? I'll probably do video games again today, although I hope to get some productive stuff done. huskyteer's prints came yesterday and I'd like to get the whole shebang in the mail and off to Ol' Blighty this afternoon or tomorrow.

One side note: jakebe had a post here that I found particularly interesting from a scripting/creating SJ point of view, and I suspect cody_frost would be interested too once life stops treating him like Kero in the picture, too. I'll have to point him back over there next week.

I also found this comment particularly interesting given how many people I know who are prone to talking about their writing more than they are to actually writing. That's sorta why I try not to do too much public brainstorming or show anyone the work until I at least have a completed draft. Showing it to people sometimes raises a "done" flag in my head and keeps the work from ever getting really and truly finished.

Guh. There goes the head-throbby cold-shivers feeling again; guess my body wants me to stop this post now. Later, all.

-The Gneech
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