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Still sick. :P I started to feel better yesterday, but then last night my brain went nuts and wouldn't shut up at me as I slept. My dreams were noisy and irritating, and had a lot of the sort of "I can taste the colors, man!" imagery people report from acid trips. One recurring thing that kept coming back particularly strongly was everything multiplying on itself like fractal designs. So if I was in a room, I was in 15 overlapping versions of that same room at the same time. If there was another person in that room, there were 15 overlapping versions of that person in the room, and so on.

My brain was also trying to finish Knights of the Old Republic 2 without the benefit of the computer. -.- While I admit, I could probably come up with a better plot than the game has, that kinda negates the point of having bought the thing, stupid brain!

So anyway, rough night. I hope I start getting better today, 'cause I can't afford any more time off from work. -.-

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