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Miscellaneous Goodness

From doodlesthegreat: Howl's Moving Castle ... this looks promising!

From Arts & Letters Daily: Decoded At Last: The Classical "Holy Grail" That May Rewrite the History of the World

Also, some birthday stuff! Happy birthday to berin, and happy belated birthdays to bjbuttons and banditloaf!

Finally, I just wanted to say thanks to everybody for the supportive comments while I've been convalescing! They mean a lot to me! ^.^

-The Gneech

PS: I need a haircut like nobody's bidness. 0.o Fortunately, laurie_robey and I have appointments Friday evening.

PPS: It's been days since I saw or read any Love Hina, and I'm going through withdrawl. 0.o I'm also going through withdrawl of Nero Wolfe and Jeeves and Wooster.
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