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A Little Context...

Regarding yesterday's frustration post: I've received some very nice comments lately on how the artwork on Suburban Jungle has been improving, and I'm certainly grateful for those. ^.^ But the truth is, as odd as it may sound, that my art hasn't actually improved that much recently, it just looks like it has.

What I mean by that is that over the course of the past year, and particularly within the past several months, the standard for what I've been willing to show the world as "finished work" has become a lot more rigorous. Wheras in the past I'd be satisfied with just one or two characters standing against a blank background and talking (for instance), any more I feel embarrassed if the strip doesn't have at least a little scenery, some perspective changes, and hopefully a bit of business in there somewhere.

The problem is, while my standards have gone up, my ability hasn't, really. It's just that now I'm not willing to accept less than the top 10% of what I can do. That's fine on a good day ... but unfortunately the rest of the time it means a lot of erasing, and a lot of re-drawing. Yesterday I spent pretty much all day drawing (and re-drawing, and re-re-drawing) the strips for today and Wednesday. I'm pleased with the final results, particularly for Wednesday, but it was a heck of a slog to get there. Yesterday's frustration post was made when I'd finally finished penciling, and had to take a break before I started breaking art supplies.

So, I guess it boils down to: boo for high standards! Leave me ALONE!

-The Gneech
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