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It's Quiet ... TOO Quiet...

Well, I haven't had a lot to say for the past few days 'cause my brain has been chewing on this new Star Wars campaign, which I am all geeked out over. I didn't realize just how jazzed I'd be about it until I started working on it, at which point my brain was all "FINALLY!!!"

I guess I shouldn't be surprised -- my original Star Wars campaign in Richmond started before the West End Games version was even published. Lack of any published setting support didn't bug me -- I just kludged together something that worked in the HERO System and ran with it. I think the WotC d20 version will work at least as well as that did, even if it's a bit clunky in some areas.

I have to keep biting my virtual tongue about it, to avoid giving out spoilers. I have a very strong opening in mind and what is (in my opinion) a very cool campaign hook, and I keep wanting to talk about it -- a problem that jamesbarrett should be able to relate to. Normally, I am quite content to keep my secrets about upcoming games; I don't know why I'm so gung-ho about this one. But I'll enjoy it while I can!

I think I would still like to find one more local player, so I'm going to post around to various boards to see if I can find one. You wouldn't think it would be so hard to find a Star Wars geek in what used to the be dot-com capitol of the east! If you know any adult gamers in northern VA who might be up for it, have them drop me a line! thegneech @ gmail . com

-The Gneech
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