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Washington Webcomics

Well, that was fun. :) I spent the evening at a meetup of D.C. area webcomic artists, invited by partiallyclips. I'd never heard about it before, even though it has apparently being going for a while. Also in attendance were pholph, a fella named Chris (whose webcomic I didn't catch) and a pleasant young lady whose name I either totally failed to catch, or was never introduced to.

Still, it was cool and fun to talk shop for a while. I am so generally out of touch with the webcomics community any more that I was completely out of the loop for half of the discussion, but I got some interesting stories and fun chat. The recurring theme of the evening was "flaming ball of femininity," with "my head is a registered weapon" being a close second.

I'll have to try to get there next time!

-The Gneech

Edit: I heard that Captain 20 is going to be at Balticon! He's still kicking! And he has a website! I may have to go to that. When is it? *looks it up*
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