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Jim Henson's Jedi Babies

The first session of the new Star Wars game went well! The character party consists of:

laurie_robey: Kira Windu, human Jedi Counsular, great-neice of Mace (which, given that Shradha was Mace's padawan, is a neat tie-in)

pholph: Will Dewry, human Jedi Guardian, a wide-eyed young neophyte

jamesbarrett: Han Ral, human Fringer, a scruffy, sneaky knockabout who's signed on to Rogue Squadron as a rookiee

hantamouse: Rhumzhin Tonakeela (or "Rumjin"), Squib scoundrel, packrat and incorrigible wheeler-dealer, also a rookie member of Rogue Squadron primarily as flight crew

They're all first level, and as such, they're not very powerful. Most of them have one or two specialties at +6 - +8 or so, and everything else is a "don't make me roll on that" skill. They were also dropped into a situation which was, sadly, way over their heads as far as combat ability is concerned. In their pair of Y-Wing fighters, they were pounced on by a prototype Imperial stealth attack cruiser and four TIE fighters. In their defense, they put up a very good fight, but in the end, they were just totally outgunned. Will and Kira's Y-Wing was incapacitated and was pretty much a sitting duck, so Han and Rhumzhin, quite battered as well, surrendered in order to keep the party together.

After a brief interrogation (which they mostly got out of by means of some fast-talk and pretending to be deserters), they were left to stew in the brig for a while. Then, one of the attack cruiser's officers came to their cells and, apparently to settle an old debt with Luke Skywalker (who had spared his life a few years earlier), conveniently left them mostly unguarded and doctored the containment fields to allow them to escape.

Of course, now they're in an Imperial planetary shuttle, in a desolate star system with nothing but an attack cruiser, a Star Destroyer, and tombs of long-dead Sith Lords to keep them company ... but hey, at least they aren't in their cells any more!

Hopefully, we'll pick up next week with what they find on the planet below. (Preferably something capable of making the jump to hyperspace...)

-The Gneech

PS: Note to myself, I forgot to award XP for the stormtroopers outside the cellblock and capturing the techs to facilitate their escape. I'll have to do that next session.

PPS: artoo_deetoo's LiveJournal came up in conversation. :)
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