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The problem with having many and varied tastes is that it becomes very difficult to sustain them all in the context of adult life. Our society is based on specialization, and while I can see how it's a good model, that still doesn't alter the fact that I just don't fit very well into it.

In particular, for me, there is the constant struggle between the desire to draw comics, and the desire to write books. When I'm in the drawing groove, it's a beautiful and wondrous thing, and I'm convinced that I would be perfectly happy to just keep doing that every day for the rest of my life.

But then, at some point, the writing starts poking me in the back of the brain.

Often, I head it off by tossing out a vignette or a fragment; the Brigid and Greg Fictionlets are a prime example of this. Having been thrown its complacatory bone, the writing goes back to its shadowy corner and hibernates again. But it was not always this way ... from college until the mid-'90s, it was pretty much reversed: I wrote and wrote, and would occasionally have a fit of comics-drawing for diversion. In that time I wrote three novels of various lengths and degree of publishability, one RPG module for Street Fighter, and a double handful of pieces for Mage and The World of Indiana Jones. Writing the novels was terrific, but I found writing for RPGs to be way more work than it was worth.

Today I am ruminating on this topic because SJ has been having a particularly good run lately, but it's been taking a physical and mental toll. The strips have been taking even longer to draw than they used to, because I've been erasing all the crap and taking only the good stuff ... and I draw a LOT of crap. -.- So I've been up way too late, way too much, and then when I finally go to bed, I have noisy dreams that prevent me from getting any rest, because I didn't go to bed until I was already way too tired.

It's not a healthy way to live. :-` Having taken the month off from Kung Fu has made it worse, because I'm not getting any exercise. Getting to KF regularly helps me sleep better, and gives me more energy.

The good news is, I've got a vacation coming up in two weeks. If I can manage to draw five more strips between now and then, I plan to do Character Q&A sketches (which are MUCH faster and easier to do than strips, generally) from May 30 - June 10. During the vacation, I'll probably be doing some scripting, but I also intend to read a book or two (something I never get to do enough of). If I'm lucky, I might actually write, too.

I have been tempted to get a laptop for that purpose, but I don't want to spend the money. After all, I did get the Clié and keyboard for the purposes of writing when I was away from home.

Meh. I think too much.

-The Gneech
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