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Um, Not Much, Really

I've had a few people ping me today and try to get me to comment, talk, or generally expound on the people who announced they were leaving Keenspot today. So here it is:

"Huh? Oh yeah, that. Whatever."

I knew it was coming a month ago, and in Gneech time, that's practically forever. Keenspot will fill the empty slots, the comics that are leaving will either succeed or fail, and life will carry on. Despite all the background noise in the webcomics scene, the fact of the matter is that nothing much ever actually happens.

Keenspot isn't exactly the gateway to instant success ... nor is it some kind of infighting money-leech riding on the back of cartoonists, either (both of which various people seem to think it is). To paraphrase Zaphod's therapist, "Vell, look ... Keenspot's just zese guys, y'know?"

-The Gneech
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