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Just Popped In...

laurie_robey and I are at mammallamadevil's house and I've commandeered her laptop to make a quick post. The trip has been fun, if tiring in spots, but I've made some cool acquisitions and got some long-wanted reading done, as well as that whole "gazing upon rare wonders of nature" thing. Tomorrow is the last full day of the trip, and then we head back Saturday, after which time I will post more complete reports. (I've been writing them on the Clié as I go, but until I can get home to the synching cradle, on the Clié they stay!)

As of yet, I haven't done any scripting or drawing of note ... generally I haven't had any time when I wasn't either on my way somewhere, or lying around the hotel room after a long day's drive/walk/both. There is talk about "doing downtown" tomorrow, but honestly I'm not sure if I don't want to say "Screw that!" and hole up in the hotel 'til Moss Beach Distillery time.

Ah well ... I gather there's a phone call with level_head in the works, so I may try to get in on that. Catcha later!

-The Gneech
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