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Well, Since I Need to Upgrade Anyway...

I am now Permanent Account Man. Get it today if you're going to, 'cause they won't be available tomorrow.

-The Gneech

PS: Here's today's Forgotten English:

Dished, in the sense of ruined or frustrated, is a contraction of the old English word disherit, for disinherit. A person is said to be dished when property he expected to inherit is left to someone else. Byron, in Don Juan, asks, "Where's Brummell? Dished!"
--Eliezer Edwards's Words, Facts, and Phrases: A Dictionary of Curious Matters, 1882

Birthday of George Bryan ("Beau") Brummell (1778-1840), the infamous English dandy who inherited a sizable fortune and squandered it on becoming a fashion trendsetter during the lace-conscious Regency period. At one dinner party, he passed around a particularly well-crafted snuffbox for his fellow guests to admire. One of them was unable to open the lid with his fingers and attempted to do so using a dessert knife. Anxious that the man not damage the stylish box, yet bound by his vanity to express himself with an air of utmost gentility, he instead addressed the host, saying, "Will you be good enough to tell your friend that my snuff-box is not an oyster." Brummell died dished and penniless in a lunatic asylum in Calais, where he had fled in 1816 to avoid paying his gambling debts.

Rummy, what?
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