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But ... Why William Holden?

So there's some kind of party going on, and it's out near Dulles Airport, except instead of an actual airport, there's railroad tracks. I don't remember exactly who was at this party, but I know that staff from the Conference Planning department at work was there, as well as various folks I'd be likely to encounter at furry conventions.

Somebody (I forget who now) mentions that a person who was supposed to be at the party couldn't make it because they're on the train that's going by (there was a train going by?) at some kind of a function to discuss cartoon voice artist William Holden.

"I know William Holden!" I pipe up. "Well, I don't know him personally, but I know who he is. But I didn't know he did cartoon voices. Which ones did he do?"

The whoever-it-was didn't know, so I said, "tchall would know, this is his area of expertise. Hey, T'Chall!"

T'Chall, who was at another table helping cut what looked like a birthday cake, looked over with that "Hold on, I can't see with my glasses on!" look he sometimes gets, and said, "Yes?"

"What cartoon voices did William Holden do?"

"William Holden?" said T'Chall, looking intrigued. "I don't know offhand."

"Well, we've got internet connection here, right?" I asked. He nodded and hopped up, going over to another table and digging his laptop out from under a pile of cups and paper plates.

Unfortunately, it was here the dream ended, so I have no idea what, if anything, T'Chall found.

-The Gneech

PS: William Holden was a dramatic actor, probably most well-known for playing the bitter leading man in movies like Sunset Boulevard and Stalag 17.
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