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I Went to Earth for a Weekend and Got Stuck There for 15 Years

Well last night was the monthly meeting of dc_webtoonists over at Borders. Given that I'm still recuperating from my trip, my original plan was to give it a miss this time, but partiallyclips was rather insistent that he had a surprise that was worth showing up for, so I figured, "Okay, I'll go for a half-hour or so ... but then I've GOT to get home and draw Wednesday's Q&A."

Turns out the surprise was that Dick Dyszel, a.k.a. Count Gore de Val, a.k.a. Captain Twenty himself came to the meeting to discuss internet revenue streams, cross-promotion, and fun stuff like that. He also talked a bit about the infamous Not Really Flying PSA, blue breasts on Creature Feature, and the Last Commune in Bethesda.

T. Campbell also popped in, which surprised me. (I didn't know he was a local, I met him at Dragon*Con!)

So yeah, I ended up being there 'til 10:30, as did the weary laurie_robey, who rather wanted to have been asleep for a half hour by that point. Sorry! *^.^*

This leads me to muse on my tenuous connection to the webcomics community these days. Once upon a time, I knew, or at least knew of, just about all the big doings in webcomics and was real into it all. These days, I get most of my webcomics news from WebSnark, mostly by virtue of the fact that it has a LJ feed. I hear about flaps going on in the world of Something Positive/PvP and the like, and I find myself going, "Who? Oh yeah, those guys." I just travel in different circles these days, I guess.

Am I a recluse without realizing it? Am I just out of the webcomics loop?

Hmm. I wonder.

Oh well!

-The Gneech
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