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Woohoo! Finally Something Moves to "Completed Quests!" ;) [gaming]

Last night, in jamesbarret's D&D game, we finally found the Duke of Geoff's son, who we went traipsing off to battle the giant invasion to find, high in the floating cloud-island palace of the storm giant queen who's more or less the mastermind behind the whole invasion. We've spent the past year or more trying to find him (basically going through the classic Against the Giants/Liberation of Geoff series, sans the Drow emergence bit), and we scooted him away on camstone's flying horse.

Now, all we have to do is fulfil our agreement with the frost giant jarl, by slaying the cloud giant queen and her cohorts. Piece of cake, right? (Whimper.) Now is the time for all good spellcasters to make with the bless and protection from evil. (Theran's warming up his haste even as we speak.)

The good news is, getting rid of her has a good chance of turning the tide in the whole giant/Geoff conflict. Assuming they prevail, and the Grand Duke of Geoff makes with the hefty rewards and such, Theran will see about the possibility of getting that keep near Westguard he's been hinting about for some time now. The Medervane family is a minor aristocratic branch of Sterich (even if Theran is something of the black sheep of the bunch), and Theran does have a certain feeling of familial obligation to try to rebuild the family fortunes. (Theran is also a fairly kick-butt fighter at this stage, so I imagine his family might actually approve of him now, but he's not exactly ready to start approving of them yet.)

Favorite in-character moment of the evening: Kat, Lida, and the young duke, reunited after ~15 years, start bickering through the locked door of the young duke's room/cell like a routine out of Jewel of the Nile or something. Theran, worried that they'll alert patrols, snaps, "Will you shut up and open that damn door already!"

Favorite out-of-character moment of the evening: camstone describing one of his horses as "doing the Snoopy dance" whenever he's brought food.

-The Gneech
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