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Wizards Have Cluttered Journals, Didn't You Know?

At last week's game, I decided I couldn't take it any more: the binder in which I kept all the papers for my warrior-mage Theran was such an incoherent mess that I couldn't find anything when I wanted it. And given what a paper-heavy GM jamesbarrett is[1], this is a bad thing.

So tonight, I hit Office Depot and while katayamma was coloring SJ, I sorted all of the papers into groups, tossed about six duplicate copies of past intros, and put a new binder together. So now I have the current character sheet and spellbook in the front, followed by the various maps we've collected, followed by handouts, then intros, and finally the pages and pages of scribbled notes I make during the sessions that say things like "I did damage with a rat!" and "Sir Bradley Miniscule?" and "Grognik be pleased."

It's much more manageable now, but I'm not convinced I've got all the papers here. I suspect that some of them have leaked into the binders for my campaign, given the frantic way I sometimes get ready for a session. But I consider it a work in progress: if I get time before gaming Saturday night, I'll be going through the binders for my own game and doing a similar housecleaning.

But, that's it for today, and so I'm off to bed. G'nite, world, and have a totally awesome tomorrow!

-The Gneech

[1] I'm one too, FWIW. Twelve-page intros and lots of player handouts? Yeah, that's me.
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