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Longest Afternoon EVAR

Meh ... how can I write, draw, or work on gaming while still looking like I'm actually doing work? Hmm.

In other news, here's Today's Forgotten English.

A phrase implying that the job will be nearly finished, and tantamount to the expression, "making it look foolish." Essex.
--James Halliwell's Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, 1855

On this date in 1801, Britain's first census was begun. In a subsequent survey, conducted in 1881, residents were asked to furnish their "rank, profession, or occupation." Some of the more puzzling responses, as preserved by the London Genealogical Society, included:
  • Maker of sand views
  • Invisible net maker
  • Colourist of artificial fish
  • Knight of the Thimble
  • Disinfector of railways
  • Carrot and mangle salesman
  • Boy for general purposes
  • Electric bath attendant
  • Count as female
  • Scarecrow
  • Drowner
  • Fish-bender
  • Cow-banger
  • Running about
  • Goldfish-catcher
  • Grape-dryer

Well no wonder there was somebody running about, with all that cow-banging and fish-bending going on! What I can't figure out is how a job being nearly finished makes it look foolish.

-The Gneech, boy for general purposes
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