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Reanimate Your Gneech!

Hooray for con bounce! Summer or no summer, I'm bouncy and energized today, and it's a good thing, too -- MFM is only SEVEN WEEKS AWAY and I've got to crank out a metric boatload of art and such to get to them.

I wanna send out some shout-outs to mammallamadevil, benbear, graveyardgreg, tchall, Derrik Dasenbrock and invisiblewolf, and of course Vince, for being so much fun to hang out with -- and for letting me hang out with them! I would also like to send out an extra handful of "Thank you!" to susandeer, who made a point of making sure I had much silly fun on the heels of my "summer depression" post last week. Your efforts were not in vain, nor were they unappreciated! :)

I have wonderful friends. ^.^

Today, I'm endeavoring to make sure I can get enough done in the morning to allow me to go with the brilliant and adorable laurie_robey to see the 1:30 showing of Raiders of the Lost Ark at the AFI cinema in Silver Spring. So I guess I'd better get off of LJ and get onto that, eh?

That reminds me, tygercowboy, I need to catch you online sometime soon to go over some MFM stuff!

-The Gneech
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