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And Then Dr. Octopus Says, "Throw Me the Idol, I Throw You the Whip!"

Just got back from the AFI Silver theater in Silver Spring, where laurie_robey and I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was the first time I'd ever seen it on the big screen, and it was a blast, even though the print was kinda eaten up. (Basically the beginning and end of each reel was missing chunks from way too many rough loadings and unloadings over the years.)

Alas, Laurie didn't get to use her free passes after all ... the Box Office dude had some choice words to say regarding George Lucas on that account. And while glitchphil had kindly offered to let us sneak in the back door (so to speak), he wasn't around when we arrived so we just swallowed our pride and, y'know, paid admission like everybody else. ;)

glitchphil was there when the movie let out, however, so we stopped and said hello, but couldn't linger. I hope you weren't there just to see us, dude, or I'm gonna feel guilty as all get-out. It took an Act of Congress just to get down there as it was.

Unfortunately, as cool as Raiders was, the evening is now shot. I did manage to squeeze a little scripting in, but other than that it's been a pretty nonproductive day. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow will be more successful.

I sleep now!

-The Gneech of Cadavra
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