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Have I Mentioned That I Hate This Area...?

As some of you probably know, Vince was kind enough to give me the original artwork for his "Leo" image (the source of my 'dancing Torey' icon). I don't have a lot of Vince originals, because whenever they go up for auction they tend to go flying out of my price range, and this particular piece has a lot of attachment for me, since it was a gift.

laurie_robey, happening to look over at where I have it framed on the wall, says, "Oh, I never noticed that piece was smudged before."

Er ... huh?

Well, brothers and sisters, the goddamn northern Virginia humidity got in and CONDENSATION FORMED ON THE INSIDE OF THE GLASS, making the ink run all over the lower part of the picture.

It's not totally destroyed, but it is definitely damaged.

I've forgiven this rotten place for a lot of crap ... but this is something I will not forgive it for.

Northern Virginia, you suck, and I hate you. >.<

-The Gneech
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