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Why Must Gaming Always Suffer?

Of all the many things I try to squish into my overpacked schedule, gaming is the one I actually miss the most when it falls out. Unfortunately, it also tends to be the one that falls out the most. Gaming got called this past weekend, which was okay because I was wanting a little more prep time anyway. But looking at the chances for gaming in the next several weeks, I find...

July 30th -- I'm currently slated to run Star Wars, but the way this week's been going, I'll be amazed if it actually happens.

August 6th -- laurie_robey and I are not available due to travel.

August 13th -- Next likely chance. Half a month away. -.- What do you want to bet that'll be the weekend my parents are moving?

I keep trying to arrange a schedule of "3 weekends of gaming a month with 1 weekend off." What I keep ending up with is "1 weekend of gaming a month with 3 weekends off."

Grrr. I hate being an adult sometimes.

-The Gneech
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