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Actually ... Got To Do Some Gaming??? 0.o

Another step forward in my current D&D scenario ... still pursuing the merchant's kidnapped daughter, the heroes found themselves at a surprisingly little-occupied keep that they'd been informed held 30-40 cultists, only to find some underfed horses and some crumbling old architecture (some of which crumbled all over camstone's ranger. They also found a pair of cultists and an undead beastie, which they dispatched without too much difficulty.

pholph was disappointed that his bard didn't get the chance to parley and generally B.S. the cultists before subjecting them to Death By Player-Character, but in this situation it pretty much had to go that way. The ruined keep was in a devastated no-man's-land kind of area inhabited mostly by packs of feral dogs, evil humanoids, and other unsavory beasties ... this is not a place where people are likely to just "show up." So the cultists' policy was pretty much, "If you don't know the person, and they're inside the walls, killum." Fortunately, there'll be more interesting stuff to do (and people to talk to) once they get into the hidden temple underneath. (Of course there's a hidden temple under the ruined keep, isn't there always?)

The group also received a visit from an old acquaintance ... a foe who they first encountered 'way back in the first session of the campaign, in fact, and who has periodically showed up to annoy them ever since. The last time, he kidnapped the party wizard and absconded with her to a tower, where he was going to use her as a kind of magic battery to power his own spells. For which, of course, they killed him and took his stuff. (camstone's retired rogue is now living in the selfsame tower, in fact.)

So it was a bit of a surprise to see him again, although given that he was a ghost this time, isn't as weird as it could be. Turns out the death goddess has tasked him with helping them out, which for this guy should be purgatory enough! This particular time he healed their wounds and refreshed their spells, warning them that the temple below would be tough going. But there we must leave it until next time.

-The Gneech

BTW, pholph ... the We can't roll dice! problem discussed in detail...
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