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Well, That's Quite Pleasant

Happy birthday, wesha! Your present is: Today's Forgotten English!

"God give you a good evening."
--John Phin's Shakespeare Cyclopaedia and Glossary, 1902

On this date in 1712, Richard Steele, editor of the periodical Spectator, described his enjoyment of people-watching in an article, "The Hours of London": "It is an inexpressable pleasure to know a little bit of the world and be of no character or significancy in it; to be ever looking on new objects with endless curiosity is a delight. ... I lay one night last week at Richmond, and being restless I arose at four in the morning and took boat for London with a resolution to rove by boat and coach for the next four-and-twenty hours till [sic] the many different objects I meet with should tire my imagination. I beg people's pardon for an odd humour I am guilty of, and was often that day saluting any person I like, whether I know him or not. This is a particularity [that] would be tolerated in me if they considered that the greatest pleasure I know I receive at my eyes, and that I am obliged to an agreeable person for coming into my view."
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