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Room and Hoard

Fortunately, the overflow hotel still had room for Thursday night, so HantaMouse and I will have beds, rather than floorboards.

Gotta pack tonight. I want to remember my tail this time (hey, it's a furry con), print up a Cameo Auction Certificate tonight, pick up some art supplies in the a.m., and -- oh yeah, gotta remember to take T'Chall's commission for him!

I have a few more "Proud to be Furry" buttons, but not many; I'll have to get BJ to make some more for me soon. I still owe him a cameo and designs for more buttons.

I wonder what else I'm forgetting. :P

One of these days, I've got to get some biz cards made up, and I still don't have any merchandise.

Fortunately, work is slow in extremis so I can put some thought into this today.

-The Gneech
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