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Happy birthday, tahamaki! Your present is Today's Forgotten English!

A deep cutting.
--Sir James Murray's New English Dictionary Supplement, Spurious Words, 1933

Birthday of Sir Astley Cooper (1768-1841), Serjeant-Surgeon to the Queen. "Cooper, by his unwearied assiduity in the dissecting-room, produced some of the most important contributions to modern surgery," according to W. & R. Chambers's Book of Days (1864). But he was also associated with a dark time in medicine: "The name of Sir Astley Cooper recalls a ... startling chapter in the history of civilization which is supplied by the methods formerly resorted to by anatomical teachers, for the purpose of obtaining subjects for dissection. From the year 1800 until the alteration of the law in 1832, the resurrectionists, or body-snatchers, were almost the only sources of this supply. They were the persons of the worst character, if we except the watchmen of that time, who were set to guard the burial grounds, all of whom received a regular percentage of the sum obtained by the resurrectionists."

Gene Wilder: "What a filthy job!"

Marty Feldman: "Could be worse. Could be raining."

*thunder, lightning*

Gene Wilder: *glare*

-The Gneech
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