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We've rented the first disc of "Firefly" from Netflix and this evening, in a desperate attempt to actually do that peculiar thing known as "relaxing" that I keep hearing about, I sat down with laurie_robey to watch "Serenity," which I assume is the pilot. (As opposed to Serenity, the movie, which came and went already, didn't it? Or did it?)

It was a pretty cool space-westerney sort of thing; my only gripe was that the story moseyed a bit too much (i.e., I kept wanting to speed the playback up by 15% or so), and of course, that damn Shaky BattleCam effect which was kinda neat when Babylon 5 did it once or twice, but now just won't leave me alone. Ugh!

Laurie said that it reminded her of my old Star Hero campaign, which is a good thing, I hope. ;)

Best moment: M.I.B.-type Federal agent Alliance Guy has Waifey Elf at gunpoint and tries to grandstand, Captain Grouchy strides in and BLAM!

Second best moment: Hey! The priest is Harris off of "Barney Miller!" That's just cool.

Anyway, it was fun. We'll watch the rest.

-The Gneech
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