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Pip, Pip!

Someone very kindly donated to the Suburban Jungle tip jar while I was away at MFM, so I used the unexpected windfall to pick up a back issue of The Chap ... specifically the issue with Stephen Fry on the cover (of course).

I was talking last night with laurie_robey about the perfect magazine I'd like to see, and while I suspect that 'The Chap' isn't quite it, there are elements of it there. The magazine I'd like to see would have elements from Mental Floss, a dash of Gentlemen's Quarterly, a hefty chunk of The New Yorker, and maybe just a bit Saturday Evening Post. I'd like to see airy articles on culture, the arts, maybe some fashion ... the only verboten topics would be politics and angst. My first issue dream team would include Stephen Fry, Steve Martin, Richard Curtis, and maybe Dave Barry.

You could even call it "The Perfect Magazine." That'd be cool. :)

-The Gneech
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