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Tomorrow, by Bob Gibson (as sung on The Muppet Show)

I started on a journey
just about a year ago
to a little town called Morrow
in the state of Ohio.
I've never been much of a traveller
and I really didn't know
that Morrow was the hardest place
I'd ever try to go!

So I went down to the station
for my ticket and applied
for tips regarding Morrow
not expecting to be guyed.
Said I, "My friend, I'd like to get
to Morrow and return
no later than tomorrow
for I haven't time to burn."

Said he to me:
"Now let me see
if I have heard you right.
You'd like to go to Morrow
and return tomorrow night.
You should have gone to Morrow
yesterday and back today
for the train that goes to Morrow
is a mile upon its way.

"If you had gone to Morrow
yesterday, now don't you see,
you could have gone to Morrow
and returned today at three.
For the train today to Morrow
if the schedule is right,
today gets it to Morrow
and returns tomorrow night."

Said I, "I'd like to go to Morrow,
so can I go today
and get to Morrow by tonight
if there is no delay?"
"Well, well," I said to him,
and I've got no more to say,
"Can you get anywhere tomorrow
and get back again today?"

Said I, "I guess you know it all
but kindly let me say,
how can I get to Morrow
if I leave this town today?"
Said he, "You cannot go to Morrow
any more today,
for the train that goes to Morrow
is a mile upon its way."

I was so disappointed
I was mad enough to swear!
The train had gone to Morrow
and it left me standing there.
The man was right in telling me,
"You are a howling jay!
You cannot go to Morrow."
So I guess in town I'll stay.
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