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Unaccustomed Freedom

Well! What am I going to do with myself today?

Tomorrow's strip is up and ready to go. I could spend today getting Weds and Friday's strips ready, to work that buffer magic.

Or, I could work on commissions and art requests that have built up over the past year, like I did Friday night on Don's badge.

Or, I could clean up my shambles of a desk and drawing table, and generally organize the mess that is my studio.

Or, I could go shopping. I need some shirts and socks...

Or, I could work on writing. I have a Michael Macbeth novel sitting in limbo; I have Brigid and Greg percolating.

Or, I could work on prepping the next D&D or Star Wars session.

Or, I could read jamesbarrett's story that he wants feedback on.

Or, I could sit around all day watching The Muppet Show on DVD!

I'm not used to having a choice. I'm not used to having free time!

It's a weird feeling.

-The Gneech
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