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Fortune Kitty!

Folks who came 'round my table in the dealer room at MFM might remember a kyoote lil' ceramic kitten with Chinese characters emblazoned upon her, named "Fortune Kitty," who was taking up a collection for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

All in all, Fortune Kitty raised $280+ -- which at a con of 601 is not too shabby! Particularly considering all the other money that was raised for various charities (Tiger Haven, Greyson, and of course the other artists' Katrina fundraiser).

I had a few folks enquire where Fortune Kitty's funds were going to go, so I thought I'd let you know here. laurie_robey and I raised the total up to $600 and I then put that into a matching fund at the company where I work. So essentially, Fortune Kitty's contributions got quadrupled, for a final donation of $1,200 to the Red Cross, sent to them yesterday.

Thanks, everybody! =)

-The Gneech

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