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Have I Mentioned I Have Cool Friends? :)

TKarrde98: *Sigh* I wish you were able to do all the cons you wanted. Then I'd talk you into doing Conifur NW.
Me: I'd love to go to that one, believe me.
TKarrde98: And then I'd hang out at your table.
TKarrde98: :-)
Me: I suppose you could write to the organizers and campaign to have me be a GoH. :-) Then the trip would probably be subsidized by the con.
TKarrde98: Haha! I'll work on it.
Me: Heehee. :-) Thx. ;-)

Thanks, dude, but I was just kidding. :) If I'm ever going to be GoH somewhere, I'd rather it came from them, rather than me arranging for it. ;)

-The Gneech
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