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As I've mentioned, lately I've been wanting to get back into my writing, which has largely been put aside since 1999 or so, except for brief-but-intense spurts from time to time. In the interest of comparison and scoping out the territory, so to speak, I've been looking around lately for some authors whose work is comparable to mine.

Of course, the problem with that is narrowing down just what my work is like. My longest extended work is, obviously, Suburban Jungle, which is generally described as romantic comedy -- except that's a film genre, not a literary one! And of course, Brigid and Greg don't work real well as romantic comedy, in that there's not much in the way of romance, with the possible exception of poor, misguided Yvonne.

Right now, following on the heels of Bridget Jones' Diary and The Ya-Ya Sisterhood there is an emerging genre called "chick lit," which I gather is kinda sorta in the vein of what I write, but not really. I mean, yes, my stuff tends to be about neuroses and interpersonal relationships, but at the same time, the focus is more on comedy and snarky comments. Also, my stuff, just by the nature of my own makeup, has a bit more testosterone and a bit less estrogen, if you follow my meaning.

However, when you look at "comedy" novels that aren't chick lit, at least contemporary ones, you start to find a tendency towards withering satire, and if possible, drugs, lurid crime, and weird sex -- all kind of non-starters in the realm of my interests.

I'd like to think this gives me a certain amount of refreshing uniqueness. ;) But it also makes for a tough pitch. Editors like to have a handle -- "X meets Y" is a cliché, perhaps, but it gets the point across quickly. (For example, the Bonfoglioli books being described as "P.G. Wodehouse meets Raymond Chandler" is the kind of thing that is an instant hook.)

So, I'm interested in suggestions, if anybody can think of comparable authors. If nothing else, I'd like to read their work, since I try to write the sort of thing that I'd like to read.

-The Gneech
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