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Re: Memphis Flyer

I emailed them this:

As the person wielding the laser pointer in the first paragraph of the article -- and also as the Guest of Honor for the convention -- I would like to thank you for publishing a more balanced and accurate portrayal of furry fandom than most media have tended to do. The line near the end, "They are open-minded, good-natured, and accepting people, and all we've been doing is searching for furverts and freak shows," has been pretty much the standard way furries are treated since Vanity Fair first ran their infamous article ~5 years ago. (I was interviewed for that particular article, but frustrated the Vanity Fair reporter by continually wanting to talk about art instead of sex. None of my interview appeared.)

I am glad your reporters had a good time, although I suspect that their constant search for Weird Nookie may actually have hampered their enjoyment of what are actually the best parts of any furry convention. Besides providing a fun and entertaining weekend for all involved, MFM also raised thousands of dollars for various charities (including Hurricane Katrina relief efforts). There was a cross-section of people there from all walks of life, making friends, learning new things, and honing skills in art and performance. Furries are vibrant and fascinating people, and I'm glad to see the rest of the world start to realize that.

John "The Gneech" Robey

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