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Playlist Peculiarity

There's something wonderfully surreal about hearing Tim Curry sing "In Just Seven Days I Can Make You a Man" followed by Fred Astaire singing "Isn't This a Lovely Day (To Be Caught In the Rain)."

I have peculiar tastes, I suppose.

Speaking of peculiar tastes, I found this little gem on Arts & Letters Daily this morning. It's an article called "Pause Celebre," about the semi-colon (or "semicolon," as it's called in the piece). When I noticed that the writer was a local boy (well, semi-local, anyhow), I sent him an e-mail that read:

Subj: Hurrah for Semi-Colons!
For that matter, they should have a dash between "semi" and "colon," but then I prefer my prose toward the purple. ;) which he responded:

You will be heartened to know that the draft I submitted rendered them all as semi-colons....

I don't know why I find this almost as amusing as the Curry/Astaire thing.

Like I say, peculiar tastes, I guess.

-The Gneech

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