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Thou Heaven Born Maid?

There is a thing going around of people posting poetry in their LJ; huskyteer in particular posted some excellent choices.

Normally, I'm pretty down on poetry, particularly any written after Wordsworth got out of the game. With few exceptions, it's all so bloody morose and self-important. The major exception to this, besides Dorothy Parker, Edward Gorey, and a few others, is "kiddie poetry," such as you might find in A.A. Milne.

However, I do like one particular piece of poetry written by praeriedog, which he sent to me years ago for a little newsletter I was producing, called The Morning Star. Sadly, the original text is lost to the vagaries of history, so I'm reconstructing it here as best I can from memory:

The Fruitcake Ball by praeriedog
Goin', goin',
goin' to the fruitcake ball
We're goin' to the fruitcake ball

Come on darlin'
put a funny hat on
We're goin' to the fruitcake ball

The lights are out
the room's a mess
the music has run its course
it's time to say good night

'cause I'm sure not goin'
to the fruitcake ball
You're goin' to the fruitcake ball

That's the way I remember it, anyhow. I'm not at all convinced I've got it right.

-The Gneech
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