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Where Am I? In the Village...

Some pics from the PandaGuy Picnic, for those who might be interested. Most of these were taken by laurie_robey.

Number Two, the Gray Tower
Glen Echo Park, looking its most Village-ish

Colorful, isn't it?
The carousel building, vintage 1921, seen from above.

A tad rusty.
Looks cool and refreshing, doesn't it? Don't you want to jump right in and splash around?

Nothing says "art deco" like a bunch of floodlights all randomly shaped like Pac-Man.

I said, WakaWakaWaka
Speaking of Pac-Man, check out the word "corn." Glen Echo Park has all these big neon signs advertising stuff that isn't actually there any more, which makes it all the more surreal. There is a small cafe where you can get popcorn and snacks ... but it's far removed from any of the big neons signs that say "Pop Corn" or "Candy," and doesn't have a sign of its own.

Here? In front of everybody?
Like for instance, here's a big neon sign advertising "Cuddle Up." Is that a command? Why is there nothing there but a small stage and a big empty space, then?

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!
We think this was once a fountain.

Where are Batman and the Joker?
This carousel has all the original animals from when it was new in 1921, in beautiful shape.

Dapper fellow with a hat ... plus me.
Somehow, fedoras just look good on lions. I don't look so good on lions, myself.

Get this guy off my back!

Spooky, isn't it?
This was the only picture of the bunch I took. So I like abstracts! I'm an artist. ;P

You can see the rest of the pictures here. Very cool, neverlandy fun.

-The Gneech
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